Mighty once again

Mighty once again

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Mighty Boro

At long last the much deserved prefix "The Mighty" can be attached to Boro once again and more than deservedly so after Saturday's 3-0 pasting of top of the pops Chelsea.

It was tempting to stick it back on there when we trampled all over the dirty Mackems, but common sense, the fact that they beat us earlier in the season and a sudden realisation of how mediocre a feat beating Sunderland actually is prevailed and "The Mighty..." stayed in the cupboard. I mean, let's just think about that - The Mighty Birmingham? Doesn't sound quite right really does it? The Mighty Portsmouth? Nope. The mighty Blackburn? Need I go on? No, but I will for a little bit - The Mighty Charlton, The Mighty Fulham, The Mighty Brentford...No, none of them sound quite right.

With an almost full strength squad to pick from and a top notch defensive performance from Southgate and Riggot (of all people) which has been rarer than steak tartare recently, it's almost tempting to go along with Stevie "Out" McClaren's injury list excuses. Almost...let's not get carried away here, after all the result is merely another blip on Boro's ridiculously inconsistent season. Let's not forget we were hammered 4-0 by Aston Villa just a week earlier, truly struggled to get past Coventry in the FA cup and have been nothing short of utterly pants for quite some time.

Actually, no, let's forget that and bask in the glory for a while, after all we've just inflicted Mourinho's heaviest defeat as Chelsea manager, we're absolutely class. YES! Aye, none of this nay saying and doom-mongering, we've just beaten the champions, COME ON! We'll be challenging for the title, champions league place at the very least, more than likely we'll win the FA cup and the UEFA cup, aye we're off now, look out VFB Stuttgart, ye beware Preston, with a full strength squad The Mighty Boro have proved they're unstoppable!

Tonight's team news: Morrison's out again with a knackered hip, no Mendieta and Maccarone will not be playing due to a broken nose picked up during a training ground "accident".

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