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About Us

Soccer All Over is the blog of the world football website Soccerphile.com

Euro 2008.

Soccerphile covers world football with an emphasis on the big tournaments, the World Cup, European Championships, Afcon, Asian Cup, and Confederations Cup.

Regular contributors include Sean O'Conor, John Duerden, Mike Tuckerman, Ozren Podnar, Joel Rookwood and our current betting guru George.

Soccerphile blog has been online since 2005 and has covered the 2005 Confederations Cup, and every World Cup and European Championships since 2006. 15 years online Soccerallover.com is an invaluable resource of football and travel from Japan to Korea, to Australia and Austria, to South Africa and Brazil as well as Ukraine and Italy.

Guest posts are welcome, so if you like what we do, please get in touch.

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