It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive at Euro 2024

It is better to travel hopefully (than to arrive)

It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive at Euro 2024.
Germany v Scotland, Munich

And so my two week sojourn in Germany is over. Many people think that having a good time is determined by football results, as I alluded to in my first article nothing could be further from the truth. There are far more important things.

As always I enjoy the challenge that these events throw up and my hours of meticulous planning have paid off with no hitches throughout my time at Euro '24.

The hectic schedule, travelling to different venues every day (and only one time have I stopped in the same place for more than one night). The majority of the matches I have been to have been the late kick offs, 9pm over here. By the time you get away from the game and back to your accommodation you are already into the next day. Then it's up early to get the train to the next destination, sometimes the journeys have been six hours. Then you start the process of finding that night's accommodation, leaving your bag. Finding something to eat and then before you know it, it's time to head to the stadium. Everyday for two weeks.

Gelsenkirchen Stadium.

Despite delays the train got me to every destination on time. The weather was actually ideal, the threat of bad weather was there for the first week, the clouds kept the sun at bay, and it wasn't too hot. Weather was better in the last few days and rain caught up with me in the very last day in Stuttgart, but only a slight shower.

German fans in Munich.
German fans in the Englischer Garten, Munich

Favourite moment would probably be from my very first day with friends at the Englischer Garten in Munich before the opening game of the tournament. Where the Germans sang along with traditional bands one minute and then rock cover versions the next. The food was traditional and cheap, and there was only one measure of drink provided - The stein. 

The group stages have once again been a carnival, where supporters have mingled freely. The set up inside the stadiums was relaxed and you could freely walk around the whole ground.

Enjoying the time you spend, meeting people, old acquaintances and new, travelling visiting different places living life and not  dreaming of what might have been is what it is all about.

Beer in Munich.
Stein in Munich

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