Bratwurst und Fußball Euro 2024

Bratwurst und fußball

Bratwurst und Fussball.
Leon the Scottish piper in Marienplatz, Munich

If you're reading the headline above and thinking Bread and Circuses, then you'll understand why I am having a hard time putting pen to paper. 

Anyway here we are at another major tournament, as time goes by I expected things would get easier, however this tournament has been a nightmare to get tickets for.

I as usual, set up an itinerary for the group stage, and set about making it happen. It took me until the day before the tournament started to get the tickets for the games I intend to go and see.

Beer in Munich.
Beer in Munich

I enlisted the help of a few friends when tickets first went on sale and gave them explicit instructions. I believed that the first phase would be the best opportunity to get cheap tickets with prices as low as €30, it was too good an opportunity to miss. 

As results from the initial ballot of ticket sales came in I realised I wasn't going to have many tickets…. that was until the last person contacted me. “I've got six games” they said. Well my instructions had been quite clear on what games and what categories to apply for so I told them to purchase all the tickets.
Then they told me how much they cost! There was clearly a misunderstanding the total was far more than I was budgeting for.

Turns out they hadn't read my instructions and had applied for the most expensive tickets. Never mind, I was grateful for their help and speaking to other people realised that I had more tickets than anyone else at this stage.
Having those tickets enabled me to start booking my flights and accommodation, last November, before the draw for the tournament had been made.

As expected accommodation was expensive, I used for most. I started to get emails from a number of the places I had booked, asking me to confirm my booking by giving my card details. Wary of this I contacted the establishments and they were aware of a scam. Luckily I did not respond to any of these requests but they all appeared genuine and I can understand how people could have been duped. Clearly there has been a data breach, as how else would scammers know the details of my booking. But as seems the norm now no fuss is made over the matter.

The Tartan Army gathers.
The Tartan Army gathers

So here is my schedule for the group games, two weeks off work and 14 games.

14th June
Match 1
Germany v Scotland

15th June
Match 2
Hungary v Switzerland

15th June
Match 4
Italy v Albania

Italy v Albania in Dortmund.
Italy v Albania in Dortmund

16th June
Match 6
Slovenia v Denmark

17th June
Match 8
Austria v France

French fan frenzy in Frankfurt.
French fans in Frankfurt

18th June
Match 12
Portugal v Czechia

19th June
Match 13
Scotland v Switzerland

20th June
Match 16
Spain v Italy

21st June
Match 19
Poland v Austria

22nd June
Match 24
Georgia v Czechia

23rd June
Match 26
Scotland v Hungary

24th June
Match 28
Italy v Croatia

25th June
Match 31
Netherlands v Austria

26th June
Match 34
Ukraine v Belgium

German fans in a more subdued mood ahead of the game v Scotland.
German fans in a more subdued mood ahead of the opening Group A game v Scotland

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German fans in Munich.
German fans in the Englischer Garten, Munich

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