Premier League clubs ranked from most to least POSH

Premier League clubs ranked from most to least POSH

Premier League clubs ranked from most to least POSH.

The ongoing battle for Premier League supremacy has prompted various rankings to emerge - from the loudest fans to sexiest footballers to name a few - with fans perennially desiring their team to come out top in every aspect.

However, when it comes to poshness, will footie fans still be eager to lay claim to this title?

Inspired, the football connoisseurs at Ticketgum set out to unveil the poshest Premier League teams by scrutinising four potential indicators of poshness, involving median house prices, gross annual pay, total number of Waitrose and Marks & Spencer stores, as well as private schools - all within the same local authority as each club's football stadium.

  Team Median House Price (£) Gross Annual Pay (£) Waitrose/
Per 100,000 People
100,000 People
1 Chelsea 1,357,500 41,892 2.08 4.17 9.68
2 Fulham 770,000 40,952 3.82 7.09 9.53
3 Tottenham Hotspur 585,000 33,906 1.89 2.27 7.84
4 Arsenal 657,500 41,335 0.92 2.77 7.74
5 Crystal Palace 430,000 36,502 1.54 1.79 6.95
6 Bournemouth 343,000 28,805 1.53 3.05 6.47
7 Brighton & Hove Albion 439,750 29,144 0.72 2.89 6.32
8 Southampton 260,000 28,539 2.00 1.60 5.42
9 Newcastle United 182,500 28,044 2.09 2.44 4.63
9 Brentford 490,000 32,234 0.35 0.69 4.63
11 West Ham United 435,000 32,297 0.57 0.29 4.58
12 Man City 231,000 27,217 1.28 2.13 4.00
12 Man United 231,000 27,217 1.28 2.13 4.00
14 Leeds United 230,000 29,000 1.12 1.12 3.95
15 Aston Villa 225,000 27,175 0.98 1.34 2.63
16 Everton 161,000 28,289 1.38 0.79 2.47
16 Liverpool 161,000 28,289 1.38 0.79 2.47
18 Leicester City 230,000 24,245 0.25 1.72 2.06
19 Wolves 195,000 26,282 0.43 1.71 2.00
20 Notts Forest 185,000 23,377 0.67 1.33 1.42

Chelsea holds the title of the poshest Premier League team boasting an impressive overall score of 9.68/10. Its home stadium, Stamford Bridge, is situated in one of the UK's wealthiest areas where the median house price reaches £1,357,500. Meanwhile, Chelsea residents, as the nation's highest earners command a gross annual pay standing at £41,892 - nearly £7,000 above the national average of £34,963!

Fulham clinches the second spot scoring a poshness score of 9.53/10. Leading in private school density with seven establishments per 100,000 people within the Hammersmith and Fulham borough, coupled with a total of seven high-end supermarkets in the vicinity, Fulham rightfully earns their posh identity.

Achieving a remarkable 7.84/10 in poshness, Tottenham Hotspur narrowly edges out fellow North London club, Arsenal (7.74/10), securing a spot in the top three podium. Not only does it beat Arsenal in the presence of 'posh' supermarkets, but the Spurs Stadium also ranks as one of the most expensive ever built, and is among the world's most hi-tech, costing approximately one billion to complete.


Arsenal, on the other hand, excels in property value and yearly gross income, both standing at a coveted £657,500 and £41,335, respectively. Propping up the top five list is Crystal Palace, the biggest South London club, garnering a final poshness score of 6.95/10.

Bournemouth claims sixth place as the first non-London team (6.47/10), having the third highest number of independent schools per 100,000 people among all clubs analysed. Completing the top ten poshest Premier League teams are Brighton and Hove Albion (6.32/10), Southampton (5.42/10), Newcastle United (4.63/10) and Brentford (4.63/10).

Nottingham Forest claims the accolade to be the least posh Premier League football club (1.42/10), with the gross annual income in the Nottingham authority being the lowest at £23,377.

Brighton & Hove Albion.


1) Ticketgum were keen to determine which Premier League football club is the poshest, by considering four variables: Each local authority's (same as the club's football stadium) (i) Median house price (ii) Median gross annual pay (iii) Number of independent schools per 100,000 people (iv) Number of Waitrose & M&S per 100,000 people.

2) To obtain the median prices of residential property located in the same local authority as each club's football stadium, data was acquired from ONS, covering the period from December 1995 to March 2023. *Note: For London teams, the local borough was used.

3) Next, the number of independent schools situated in the same city as the football club was gathered from *Note: For London teams, the local borough was used.

4) Subsequently, Ticketgum acquired the median gross annual pay for each local authority from ONS.
*Note: Higher income does not necessarily equate to posh, this is only a possible indicator.

5) The experts then identified the number of Marks and Spencers and Waitrose in each city/borough through each supermarket's respective store finder. *Note: Only stores within the city or on the store finder were considered, hence smaller Waitrose stores are not listed.

6) Finally, a final 'poshness' score out of 10 was calculated for each Premier League club by applying a PERCENTRANK formula across all variables with the following weights:
Number of Independent schools per 100,000 - 0.2
Median house price - 0.3
Annual pay - gross- 0.3
Total Number of Waitrose/M&S per 100,000 - 0.2

7) The scores were then ranked in descending order to determine the poshest Premier League team.

8) All data was collected in November 2023 and is correct as of then.

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