Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fifa World Rankings January 2008

Fifa World Rankings January 2008.
Fifa World Rankings January 2008

There is little change in the top 20 teams of this month's Fifa world rankings. The USA and Nigeria change places in 20th and 19th position.

Argentina are number one followed by Brazil and Italy. England are in 12th place, Scotland 14th and the USA 20th.

1 Argentina
2 Brazil
3 Italy
4 Spain
5 Germany
6 Czech Republic
7 France
8 Portugal
9 Netherlands
10 Croatia
11 Greece
12 England
13 Romania
14 Scotland
15 Mexico
16 Turkey
17 Colombia
18 Bulgaria
19 USA
20 Nigeria

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Nice information.apart this what things behind "USA(-1)".i can not understand .. anyway here is more about Brazil Soccer