FIFA International Date Results

FIFA International Date Results

The World Cup is over; tonight's international friendlies began a new era and prepared teams and fans for the first slew of new tournament qualifiers in early September.

FIFA International Date Results

International Friendlies - selected scores; 2010 World Cup qualifiers in bold

Tues 10th Aug 2010
Italy 0:1 Ivory Coast (London)

Weds 11th Aug 2010Mexico 1:1 Spain
USA 0:2 Brazil
South Korea 2:1 Nigeria
Russia 1:0 Bulgaria
Finland 1:0 Belgium
England 2:1 Hungary
Armenia 1:3 Iran
Ukraine 1:1 Netherlands
Sweden 3:0 Scotland
Czech Rep 4:1 Latvia
Slovakia 1:1 Croatia
Turkey 2:0 Romania
Serbia 0:1 Greece
Denmark 2:2 Germany
Austria 0:1 Switzerland
Poland 0:3 Cameroon
South Africa 1:0 Ghana
Eire 0:1 Argentina
Slovenia 2:0 Australia
Norway 2:1 FranceAngola 0:2 Uruguay (Lisbon)

Thu 12th Aug
Paraguay v Costa Rica
Panama v Venezuela
Bolivia v Colombia

- Sean O'Conor & Soccerphile 

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