Spam From Kerala Take me off this email chain ASAP

Spam From Kerala

Spammers are always up to new tricks. A recent spam mail doing the rounds is a mail written in English and Malayalam, the language of Kerala in India. India is now the spam capital of the world, by the way, due to lax laws and policing and the enticing market of millions of mobile phone users.

The email is cc'd to a number of recipients and seems to show people unsubscribing from a mailing list with text like this.

"Take me off this email chain ASAP

Sent from my iPhone"

"Me too please. Neither of these are my email addresses so do no understand why I would be receiving these.



"Not interest anymore? Please send a mail to | Having trouble viewing this email? View it in your browser"

Example of spam mail

If you receive an email like this above in your inbox, do not reply asking to be taken off the mailing list, just delete it. If you reply, you are merely confirming your address to the spammers and sending an email to a legitimate company as the spammers are spoofing the return path of several legitimate companies including us. Like this where xxxx is the address of a legitimate company.

Example of spam email

If you receive this email, just delete it and ignore it. If you block the sender, you will be blocking the legitimate companies the spammers are spoofing.

Whatever you do, don't reply to the email asking to be taken off the list.


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