Valuable brave unusual legendary Maradona



He is the unlucky one, who made his national team debut at the age of 16, but at 17 he was not included in the squad in the World Cup, where their team became the champion - he was not taken to the 1978 FIFA World Cup because of his young age. 

He is the technical one, who is hard to stop on the field and who 23 times was subjected to a foul in the match - the Italians, the future champions of 1982 FIFA World Cup, only in this way were they able to stop him. 

He is the valuable one, who twice was the most expensive transfer in the world - his transfer to Barcelona in 1982 and to Napoli in 1984 were both a record fee for the time. 

He is the brave one, who dared to move from Barcelona, the second team in the UEFA club rankings, to 83rd-ranked Napoli - and he twice won the Serie A champion title and the 1989 UEFA Cup with such a team. 

He is the perfect one, who was dribbled 90 times and earned 53 free kicks for his team during the World Cup - the 1986 FIFA World Cup was his tournament. 

He is the talented one, who gave 3 assists in a World Cup match - they defeated the South Koreans in the 1986 FIFA World Cup start thanks to his accurate passes. 

He is the unusual one, who was both loved and hated - could the English love him who scored against them a goal with his hand at the 1986 FIFA World Cup? 

He is the magical one, who scored "The Goal of the Century" - in the match against England at the 1986 FIFA World Cup, he received the ball in his own half, with 11 touches ran more than half the length of the field, dribbling past five English outfield players and goalkeeper, and slotted the ball into the net. 

He is the geniuses one, who helped their team to become world champion, where they were not the clear favorites - Argentina won only 1 of 7 matches on the eve of the 1986 FIFA World Cup. 

He is a skillful one, who though not exactly a forward, but managed to become the top scorer in Serie A - he was top scorer in Italy in the 1987/88 season with 15 goals. 

He is also the ordinary one, who has experienced the bitterness of such defeats as 1-5 and even 0-5, despite all his extraordinary abilities - he could not prevent the heaviest losses of Napoli to Werder Bremen in 1989 and Sevilla to Real Madrid in 1993. 

He is an irresponsible one, who was twice convicted of doping - first in 1991-1992, and then in 1994-1995, he was banned from playing football for more than a year. 

And he is the legendary one, who was voted the best player of the 20th century and of all time in various polls... 

Life goes on. 
Records are also updated. 

In 2017, he who has 115 goals, left the lead in Napoli's top goalscorers list for all-time - first Slovakia's Marek Hamsik overtook him, then Belgium's Dries Mertens overtook both of them. 

In 2018, he had to give up the captaincy record in the World Cup - he was overtaken by Mexican Rafael Marquez, who has been the captain of his team in 17 matches in the World Cup. 

And now he has lost his life... 

But his fame and popularity are eternal... 

He is the one who manages to be in the spotlight with every behavior... 

He is just Diego Armando Maradona! 

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