Jurgen Klopp stars in Liverpool Chinese New Year Video

Jurgen Klopp stars in Liverpool FC's Chinese New Year Video 高普主演利物浦賀年短片 向紅軍球迷拜年

Liverpool FC launched its 2021 Chinese New Year video today to send season greetings to Red fans across the Greater China region. First team boss Jurgen Klopp stars in the video, telling a moving story of a Chinese Kop and he also appears at the end to send his greetings to the fans. www.facebook.com


The video, with voice acting from Klopp, is mainly made of animations. The protagonist of the story is a loyal LFC fan from China who has supported the club for many years, accompanying the Reds through ups and downs in his own way, until the Premier League trophy finally arrived after many years of waiting. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has suspended everything and the Anfield Stadium is still empty, Klopp encouraged the fans to keep their faith because "at the end of the storm, there is a golden sky."

At the end of the video, Klopp says "You'll Never Walk Alone" in Chinese to send greetings on behalf of Liverpool FC amid the ongoing pandemic across the world – also wishing all LFC fans a happy Chinese New Year and a prosperous Year of the Ox! 

利物浦今天發布全新賀年短片,向一眾大中華地區的紅軍球迷拜年。該短片由一隊教練高普講述一個來自中國紅軍球迷的動人故事,更於片尾親身粉墨登場向球迷拜年,相信紅軍球迷定必有共鳴。 賀年短片主要以動畫形式呈現,並由高普娓娓道來。故事主角是一名來自中國的忠實利物浦球迷,多年來一直對球隊不離不棄,用自己的方式陪著紅軍走過高山低谷,年復一年終於等到英超冠軍的來臨。雖然新冠疫情的到來令一切停擺,晏菲路球場至現時仍然空空如也,但高普勉勵球迷要繼續心懷希望,因為「在風暴的盡頭,那一定是金色的天空」。 最後高普用中文勉勵紅軍球迷「永不獨行」(You'll Never Walk Alone),代表利物浦祝願大家在全球疫情持續下新年快樂,牛年大吉。

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