Ditch the Label will Offer Dedicated Mental Health Resources to Football

FIFAe and Ditch the Label Unite for Combined Vision of Community Well-Being
Ditch the Label will offer dedicated mental health resources to the FIFAe community Over 900 mental health support hours funded as part of the collaboration New collaboration as part of FIFAe’s “The Good Game Promise” initiative FIFAe has joined forces with Ditch the Label, a leading global anti-bullying and mental health youth charity, to offer comprehensive mental health resources to the community and players. 

The collaboration, announced on the eve of the FIFAe Finals 2023, reinforces FIFAe’s commitment to develop the scene sustainability with the Good Game Promise. Ditch the Label, known for their expertise in tackling cyberbullying and mental health topics, will bring their knowledge and resources to the FIFAe community. 

The collaboration offered dedicated resources to the participants and the community during the FAMEHERGAME Bootcamp and will do the same at the FIFAe Finals 2023, which takes place this year from 6 to 19 July. 

 Taking preventative measures for potential issues within the community, these resources will come in the form of over 900 support mentor hours - enough to support hundreds of community members - as well as educational content on the FIFAe channels. In addition, Ditch the Label hosted a session during the FAMEHERGAME bootcamp to educate and support women players on mental health topics. 

 Dr. Liam Hackett, CEO of Ditch the Label, expressed excitement about the collaboration stating, “

We are looking forward to joining forces with FIFAe in promoting mental well-being within the esports community. We are committed to providing gamers with the tools and support they need to safely compete on the biggest stages, and we are confident that we can make a meaningful impact in the space.” 

“Together with Ditch the Label, we want to continue our vision to build a platform where everyone can unlock their full potential. FIFAe’s philosophy of ensuring the health of our community and players is manifested within the 'Good Game Promise' and will receive another important centerpiece with this collaboration,” added Adrian Rölli, Head of eFootball at FIFA. Through this collaboration, FIFAe and Ditch the Label are taking significant strides in bridging the gap between competitive gaming, anti-cyberbullying and mental health awareness. 

In addition to tangible resources for the players and community, the initiative will increase awareness around this important topic in the FIFAe community across various channels. This new initiative between FIFAe and Ditch the Label also aligns with several other FIFA programmes that contribute to mental well-being for players, which have taken place over recent months around other FIFA tournaments.

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