Marseille Again Euro 2016

Marseille Again Euro 2016

Got up at 6 am in Nice in time for a 10 km run along the 4 km promenade. The pace felt like that of the starter in Lyon two days earlier.

Marseille Again.

My alarm first went off at 3.50am, the time a week ago that this journey started. Since then we have been to 8 different venues and spent a day on a train (plus one flight) travelling.

The cool morning air, the waves breaking on the pebble beach and the Art Deco buildings made the run pass quickly.

At the far end of the promenade a number of Northern Ireland flags were laid with flowers in memory of the young man that died there last week.

Marseille Again, Euro 2016, France.

Nearby the police were moving on some Spaniards who had been partying/ sleeping on the beach.

The promenade was being hoovered and washed down whilst a boat sprayed water on the pebble beach to clean it.

After the run, I headed straight into the sea and quickly cooled down.

Returning to our apartment, no one knew that I had been out.

We took the train back to Marseille and met the clouds again.

The Hungarian supporters congregated in Vieux Port, setting of an array of flares as they headed off for the Velodrome Stadium.

We hid in a bar as the rain poured down before heading to the stadium for Iceland v Hungary.

The behaviour of a nearby Hungarian fan, led me to support Iceland and gave the game an edge. There was a tense atmosphere throughout as the Hungarians laboured. Riots were only avoided by a last minute equaliser for the Hungarians.

We headed to Notre Dame du Mont for Filet de Dorade Royale à la Planche, avec Risotto Basilic Bio.

Ross Clegg

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