Nice Euro 2016

Nice Euro 2016

For the first time a conductor on the train checked our tickets. Looks like the strike might be coming to an end. Ivan and I showed the conductor our tickets while Steve checked the bins for his discarded coffee cup, in which he thought his ticket might be.

Nice, Euro 2016, France.

Later we discussed our future travel plans. That morning we received the final train tickets, by email, that we had booked months ago, for the journey on Monday between Lyon Perrache and Paris Marne-La-Vallée-Chessy. We were using this route as it was a cheap option and would take only two hours, by car it would be over four. Steve hadn't heard of our arrival station and I explained that it was the stop for Disneyland. Steve's innocent response "What ground is there then?" I thought to myself, some Mickey Mouse team.

The journey took us along the coast, looking to my left at times it looked like a Rauol Duffy painting while to the right their were breathtaking views of the sea.

Nice, France, Euro 2016.

The sun greeted us and we just had time to admire the view from our apartment overlooking Promenade des Anglais and the sea, before dining in the old town.

Rossopomodoro a pizzeria, was Steve's choice of restaurant. Steve showed off his language skills and ordered vegetarian pizza with tuna. Conversing in English, French and Italian with the waiter. (It's not uncommon for people in this area to speak Italian in preference to French as Nice is near the Italian border).

Nice, Euro 2016, France.

Ivan's pizza arrived with Steve's topping. I managed my Ricotta au lait de bufflonne, saucisson Napoli, mozzarella, tomate, fromage Grana et poivre. (Calzone pizza).

We caught the bus to the stadium and just made it in time for kick off after a 25 minute walk from the drop off point.

Spain strolled to an easy win and we started the long walk home. When we got back to pick up our bus it was chaos and midnight by the time we got back into town.

Ross Clegg

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