Super Lee Cattermooooole! Man City 0 Boro 1

Super Lee Cattermole

The only thing that could be said to Man City's credit after they were played off the park by a still mighty Boro is that they have got one of the nicest stadiums about. A great view from everywhere, easy to get in and out, decent pies and a lovely bit of eye catching architecture. But what about the football?

Super Lee Cattermole

Stuart Pearce's disgusted post match reaction said it all - there were no "tremendous shows of character" or not faulting the lads a la McClaren for Pearce, the City players just didn't earn their wages.

A scrappy first half on the slippy Eastlands pitch didn't produce a great deal of excitement until the 42nd minute when teenager Lee Cattermole managed to get on the end of a Stewart Downing cross to pop in hopefully his first of many Premiership goals. Super Lee Cattermole! was the cry well into the rest of the match.

Perhaps egged on by the goal and the noise from the Boro end (got any songs City?) the second half picked up, for Boro at least, with (I never thought I'd say this) David James keeping them vaguely in the game. Boro sprayed the city keeper's goal with shots, but butterfingers managed to deny Morrison, Parnaby and Rochemback time after time. The goal count could've been much higher if it wasn't for James and some weak finishing from the Boro frontline - weak shots and guffs a plenty let down a bit of fine attacking play.

So, the Boro continue to creep away from the relegation zone and slowly up the table as City seem to do the opposite. Pearce isn't happy, and who would be? He'll be the first for the chop if it continues.

Now it's just 7 more wins on the trot needed for Boro, aswell as a nil-nil draw for every other match and maybe an extra loss for Tottenham, for us to finish in Champions League qualifying 4th and turn the season round nicely. Now for victory in the UEFA cup and onward with the FA. Phew, what a season!


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