World Cup Ticket Chaos in Cape Town

World Cup Ticket Chaos

World Cup Ticket Chaos in Cape Town.

Yesterday tickets went on sale over the counter at one of the big banks and at the FIFA ticketing office in Cape Town.

After being told by FIFA that there were tickets for all games, people who had been queuing from 0700 finally got to the counter at around 1400 to be told that only Category 1 tickets were available for some games.

My wife queued all day and bought nothing as only the minor games were available.

She saw a couple of gangster type guys right at the front of the queue producing ID books for 10 people and claiming 10 tickets on each ID book, obviously for touting later.

The computers could not cope and very few people were served per hour.

Police wrere called to control disgruntled fans in Johannesburg and at the FIFA Ticketing offices in CPT.

In my opinion FIFA's ticketing scheme is bullshit:
a. getting people ( myself included ) to buy tickets when they don't know which teams they will get.b. bringing more tickets on to the market in phases and inferring there is a scarcity,
c. not keeping people informed and not being able to reply promptly to queries.

FIFA and everyone involved with them are not getting ( and don't deserve) good press over here in South Africa.

In short - a bunch of bandits.


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