The World Cup In An Hour

The World Cup In An Hour - History for busy people

A new iPhone / iPad app The World Cup In An Hour has been published. It summarises the history of the FIFA World Cup in just sixty minutes of reading.

As you watch the World Cup this year read the compelling stories of World Cups gone by, from the start in 1930 to today. It takes just one hour to read and costs just 59p / 99c. This is history for busy people.

Available from the Apple iTunes store, and published by Collca in association with History in An Hour, The World Cup In An Hour is targeted at commuters, students and the curious who want to learn the facts and context about the World Cup but don’t have the time.

Read about the greatest players, the forgotten heroes, the significant games, and much more including …

• USA’s famous win in 1950 against England and the goalscorer’s tragic end.
• The Nazi collaborator who captained France
• The World Cup tournament without a World Cup Final
• The “Battle of Berne”
• Why Brazil wear yellow shirts

The World Cup app with a difference
Rupert Colley, author of The World Cup In An Hour and founder of History In An Hour, said:

“Most other World Cup apps in the iTunes store are games or focus very much on fixtures, statistics and lists. What makes this World Cup app unique is that it is the only one that provides a straight narrative in ebook form in just an hour of your time. It captures the essence of the history of this amazing tournament alongside the essential facts and figures of the past 80 years.”

About History In An Hour
The World Cup In An Hour is the fourth in the History In An Hour ebook series to be made available as an iPhone / iPad app from specialist electronic publisher Collca. Other titles from the series include World War Two In An Hour, Nazi Germany In An Hour and The Cold War In An Hour.

Rupert Colley established the ebook series after he built an impressive but largely unread library of history books. He spotted a gap in the market for an introductory but straight narrative that could capture the essence of a subject with comparatively little effort.

"Many people want an introduction to different periods of history," he said, "but don’t always have time to read daunting books of 600 pages with 35 page introductions."

History In An Hour takes you straight in, to the point, sixty minutes; with no embedded links to divert the attention. Then, having absorbed the basics, the reader may feel inspired to explore further.

Mike Hyman, Managing Director of Collca said:
"We had been looking for highly relevant ebook partners to work with in producing apps and found our first one in History In An Hour. We are very pleased with how the partnership has worked to produce The World Cup In An Hour and the other three titles, and together we have more titles planned."

Quotes about History in an Hour ebooks
"This is genius. I hope PBS packages their excellent shows for the iPad in the same way. This type of professional quality educational content would be a great balance to the game apps on the iPhone OS. I say bring it on and I hope the "in an hour" series grows even more and beyond just history," forum comment.

"I think the idea of ebooks you can read in an hour is a fantastic one," The Editor, History Times.

"I must congratulate you on a great idea," The Army Children Archive.

"I am using this to supplement my text book. It has been very helpful and the photos are wonderful. Seems to be complete overview and is nice to have when I am out and about!" Buyer review on the Apple App Store (US)

"By the time my train journey was over I genuinely felt more knowledgeable. Good stuff, I look to the other titles coming out." Buyer review on the Apple App Store (UK)

"This a fascinating application of tech enabled learning. Please check this out. I know I will!!"

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