Garry Cook & Roberto Mancini

Manchester City

Garry Cook, 10/07/2009 - "People have come to realise that you don't go from 0 to 100mph in no time at all. We don't want to be held to ransom, and have very clear directives."

Roberto Mancini, 21/07/2010 - "The problem is that when clubs know that it is Manchester City they are dealing with the prices go up. This is not good and it is not right."

Manchester City

Welcome to the real world Roberto. Basic economics says that if it is common knowledge that you have a bottomless wallet potential vendors will attempt to exploit that fact to the full.

It was exactly the same last year when City relentlessly pursued Joleon Lescott (who they eventually paid stupid money for) and Roque Santa Cruz (ditto) and John Terry (who saw sense and stayed put). And don't forget the £100m Kaka episode - they did not learn from the Robinho disaster and still don't realise how close they came to an even bigger one with Kaka.

And they are at it again - another £100m frittered on what appear to be gambles & unneeded players. More money splashed around with more greedy sharks circling the City pleasure boat.

Jerome Boateng is a 21 year old defender who doesn't know his best position. David Silva is a size zero waif-like winger who is not suited to the rigours of the Premiership. I hope somebody has told Silva he doesn't get a winter break. Yaya Toure is yet another defensive midfielder in an area of the pitch where Gareth Barry, Nigel de Jong, Vincent Kompany & Patrick Viera already operate. Toure is not needed, not that good, and rumoured to be on around £200k a week.

Reportedly on the blue radar are Aleksandar Kolarov, a left back who will presumably displace Wayne Bridge, James Milner, the most overrated & expensive utility man in the world, and Mario Balotelli, the wild child of Milan who has triggered this "ransom" whinge.

Even when Mancini was quizzed about USA star Landon Donovan he replied “He is a good player. It could be possible.” Now call me Captain Sensible but surely saying something like "absolutely no chance, we don't need him." might be a better way of getting the price down should there be any substance to Mancini's comment?

City have made the bed that they will have to lie in for the duration of their Sheiky Love In. John Terry was not for sale. Neither was Lescott. Or Santa Cruz for that matter. This fact did not put City off in the warped belief that every player has his price. It is no surprise that they are being held to ransom as they once again employ the scatter gun approach of linking themselves with every player possible.

The problem is that the price of anybody half decent is vastly inflated so every other club is sitting waiting for City to close their wallet. Then they can all go out and see who is left or grab a bargain from the host of rejects that Mancini deems surplus to requirements at Eastlands.



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