A Look Back At World Cup 2010 South Africa

World Cup 2010 South Africa

As at the 2002 World Cup in Korea/Japan some of the stadiums built for the 2010 World Cup have already or will become white elephants, while a large proportion of South Africa's population still live in poverty.

A Look Back At World Cup 2010 South Africa.

Most of the profit made at the tournament has gone into the coffers at Fifa.

The managers of the World Cup stadium in Cape Town have pulled out of their 30-year contract as it has very little potential for ongoing business. Sail Stadefrance said it had projected “substantial losses” if it took up the project.

Western Province rugby team will not move to the new stadium, which is facing heavy losses and the running of which has been taken over by the city. Cape Town invested around R2-billion of its own money before the World Cup. Fifa rejected cheaper sites at Athlone and Newlands as ”not suitable”.

“We had no choice. It was Greenpoint or don't be involved in the World Cup.

At an overall cost of Rand 5 billion, Mr Blatter's real legacy to the poor of Africa.

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