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Poor Sepp - maybe he's not the man to give out sexual health advice.


Aged 35 in 1971, Herr Blatter was elected President of the World Society of the Friends of Suspenders, a group of 120 men dedicated to reversing the march of tights (pantyhose) and bringing back garter belts for all women, a penchant which manifested itself again in 2004 when as FIFA President he called for women footballers to wear tighter shorts:

"Female players are pretty, if you excuse me for saying so," commented Sepp without mirth.

Today he was forced to wade in to the homophobia issue surrounding FIFA's choice of two less than gay-friendly World Cup hosts, one of which forbids non-heterosexuality by law, and fell into the mire:

To audience laughter, Blatter announced -

"I would say they (gay fans) should refrain from any sexual activities."

He did go on to note the Middle East is a different culture, but one that is in the process of changing, with the implied hope fan sexuality will not be an issue in twelve years' time. It is hard to imagine Qatar will enforce any of its usual laws when the West visits en masse in 2022, but equally Blatter's statement implies a shameful appeasement with a medieval mindset.

FIFA has conducted a relentless 'Kick Racism out of Football' campaign, but is still shying away from a similar one to eradicate soccer's last taboo - homophobia. The Football Association likewise is looking for excuses, having produced but pulled an anti-homophobia video at the last minute. Unlike in many sports, football still awaits its first working player to come out.

"In football we have no boundaries," Blatter concluded. Just like sex then?

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