Finding Accommodation in Donetsk

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The journey out of Kharkiv was a lot more pleasant than the one taking us there. A departure time of 06.25 saw us catch the first metro of the day at 05.30 to the train station where waiting for us was a brand new air conditioned train.

Been out here now for a week and yesterday had to spend money on public transport for the first time, on Kharkiv's metro system, where the fare of approx 20 pence will cover your journey.

Church, Ukraine, Euro 2012

Today, had no choice but to get a taxi to the accommodation which had been booked in Donetsk, as last night I received an email giving me a different address, and I was unable to find it on a map.

I wasn't the only one.

In the end found a taxi driver and we rang the hostel so that he could get directions from them. Haggled the price down from 170 to 100 which was still expensive.

Ukraine Train, Kharkiv

The description I had stated that the place where we were staying was on the same street as the Donbass Arena. So I was pleased to catch my first glimpse of the Arena as we hurtled passed with horn beeping at various distractions.

We kept going at 100 km/h for some time, albeit on the same road.... For someway then turned off..... And turned again. Eventually arriving at an area of local houses (as opposed to blocks).

When we got there we were advised that we might not be staying there!

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