Armadillo mascot for 2014

World Cup 2014 Mascot

Brazil 2014 mascot

The next World Cup will have an armadillo as a mascot, the sixth time a recognised animal has been selected. Three big cats, three little boys, two fruits and two abstract characters have played the role before.

The choice of an endangered species, according to FIFA General Secretary Jerome Valcke, tallies with the emphasis on sustainability and environmentalism at the forthcoming finals.


The armadillo, in the colours of the Brazilian flag, has yet to be named, but the majority of the Brazilian public  is unhappy with the limited choice of names to be voted on: Amijubi, Fuleco and Zuzeco, and thousands have signed petitions demanding suggestions from the public be considered.

The uninspiring choice recalls the names considered for the tricoloured stick-man at Italia '90, eventually called 'Ciao' - Amico, Bimbo and Dribbly.

FIFA will reveal the armadillo's chosen name on the 25th of November.

FIFA World Cup Mascots

1966 (England): World Cup Willie
1970 (Mexico): Juanito
1974 (W.Germany): Tip and Tap
1978 (Argentina): Gauchito
1982 (Spain): Naranjito
1986 (Mexico): Pique
1990 (Italy): Ciao
1994 (USA): Striker
1998 (France): Footix
2002 (Japan & Korea): Ato, Nik and Kaz
2006 (Germany): Goleo
2010 (South Africa): Zakumi
2014 (Brazil): Fuleco
2018 (Russia): Zabivaka
2022 (Qatar): La'eeb
South Africa


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