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George's Premier League Predictions

George's Premiership Predictions.
George's Premier League Predictions

This week Uncle Jake is standing in for George, who is on a week long sabbatical, with some unpredictable predictions.

Saturday 1 December 2012

West Ham United 1 v Chelsea 1
Manchester City 2 v Everton 1
West Bromwich Albion 1 v Stoke City 0
Fulham 1 v Tottenham Hotspur 2
Arsenal 1 v Swansea City 1
Liverpool 3 v Southampton 1 ‎
Queens Park Rangers 1 v Aston Villa 2
Reading 1 v Manchester United 3 ‎ ‎

Sunday 2 December 2012

Norwich City 1 v Sunderland 0

Monday 3 December 2012

Newcastle United 0 v Wigan Athletic 0
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Manchester United 3 - 1 Queens Park Rangers

Manchester United 3 - 1 Queens Park Rangers
24 November 2012
Ref Lee Probert

Mark Hughes, former hero of Old Trafford and spender of £37 million, was ousted from his position as manager of QPR as Henry James Redknapp made himself available for the post and last week's loss against fellow strugglers Southampton made Hughes' continuation untenable. Harry watched this one from the stand as Mark Bowen stood in as interim manager.

Fletcher is back for Manchester United and he immediately effects a give and go on the end of the box. Will QPR miss the trio of Granero, Diakite and Hoilett, all on the bench today? They do start Mackie however, so there should be some forward movement from the west London team. Indeed there are five changes from last week's loss in the visitors' line up.

To cheer the travelling support, Taraabt half moons a United player, then slide tackles another. Ferdinand (Rio) slips, and gives an indication why Man U haven't kept a clean sheet in their last ten games.

The Manchester United Trinity
Bobby Charlton, George Best & Denis Law
It's a dodgy start for other famous names as Scholes could easily have been sent off with only ten minutes on the clock. Even earlier Cesar was scolded for wearing the wrong colour undershorts, indicating a lack of consistency on his part.

15' In seemingly Van Persie's first involvement in the game - is there a pattern here? - Scholes gets in on the 6-yard line, but he's tackled cleanly.
19' Taraabt looks like the kid on the playground who wants to dribble every time he gets the ball, and it's this predictability that leads him to be robbed of the ball by Scholes.

20' Taraabt shoots from too far out with an overlap available on the right. 'Arry will surely sort this out on the training ground.

26' Scholes should shoot here, but instead lays the ball off to Young in a worse position.

27' It's not Scholes' best day at the office as Mackie cleverly strips him of the ball as he tried a pullback turn.

29' United are very wasteful in possession, given they've had about three-quarters of it, and this is exemplified by Evra's feeble attempt to pass the ball through a convocation of QPR players. But Evra's day is not as consistently as poor as Scholes' and his pass and move via Van Persie leads to danger for the hard-working QPR team. 35' Rooney shows us that he is on the pitch by shooting straight at Cesar from the edge of the box.

36' It's QPR who have the ball in United's net as Cisse crosses for Mackie to finish, but it's called back for offside.

40' In a continuing saga, Ashley Young is angrily confronted by opponents as the wake from his dive splashes their sensitivities.

43' The vaunted 'good players' that comprise QPR's team show us at last that they can string ten passes together around the uninterested United team members. Van Persie puts a stop to it in the end.

Half time 0 - 0.

Half time team talk.

Ferguson: Move the ball quicker, and f*•πing work harder.
Bowen: Keep calm and Harry on.

From the kick off, United reveal a new tactic: play the ball over the top of the R's defence. It doesn't work as the QPR back four continue to have a splendid game. An unusual happening occurs in the 47th minute. Rooney is embarrassed by Julio Cesar as the United man rushes to dispossess the keeper who has the ball at his feet from a backpass: Cesar clips the ball sharply with the outside of his left foot and the England international shoots past.

51' Goal. There is a corner on the left for QPR. It's taken short. Dyer is completely unmarked. He easily beats Van Persie and Jamie Mackie knocks in Lindegaard's spill.

Manchester United 0 - 1 QPR.

It's the thirteenth time United have conceded first this season.

54' At last Scholes gets his weekly yellow card as he hacks down Dyer outside the box. Taraabt fires over.

57' The ref now remembers he is carrying a card, so Mbia gets awarded one as Evra seems to dive.

Fergie puts on Anderson and Hernandez. At the very least they are bound to be as effective as the players who've been on for the first two-thirds of the match.

59' In a moment that seems might be important later on, after a 3 on 3 Dyer refuses a chance to shoot .. and the chance of a goal is gone. Two-nil might've been quite nice for the Londoners at this point.

60' Traore off. Ferdinand (Anton) on at left back.

63' Goal. Evans scores from one yard after Welbeck's knock down at the far post.

Manchester United 1 - 1 QPR.

65' Fletcher's 35-yard piledriver wakes up a taciturn Old Trafford crowd. 67' Goal. Fletcher's header from a perfect Rooney corner. Easy peasy.

Manchester United 2 - 1 QPR.

69' Taraabt shoots wide.

70' Goal. Anderson picks up the ball in his own half, surges forward, his vertical pass is received by Hernandez, whose sublime first touch with his left foot sets up a half-volley for his right. Technical and energetic super subs, and a happy Ferguson gets it right again.

Manchester United 3 - 1 QPR.

78' Welbeck's off and Powell's on.

83' Faurlin's off and Granero's on in the cold Manchester rain sitting at the bottom of the Premier League pile instead of turning out for Real Madrid.

87' QPR haven't quite given up completely as at-last-he's-on Hoilett's shot leads to a corner that leads to the head of Hill and that leads to the well-placed Rafael clearing off his own line.

United are better than most (or all) of the other teams in this league and it's as if they don't like to start to play without evening it up a little by giving their opponents a lead. Still, a win is a win. And with their two main rivals Chelsea and Manchester City ready to kick lumps out of each other tomorrow in west London, they will have a satisfying Saturday night.

QPR had some good player performances here, but that's what their team is right now: a bunch of discrete individuals. It's not a given that Redknapp can save them, but he must have noticed the first rung of the ladder obscured as it was in the Manchester rain.

Peter Rodd

Friday, November 23, 2012

George's Premier Predictions November 24 2012

George's Premier Predictions November 24 2012

Last time out, George got 4 results right including 1 perfect score. George will hope for better this time.

George's Premier Predictions November 24 2012

Saturday 23 November 2012

Sunderland 1 v West Bromwich Albion 2 ‎
Wigan Athletic 1 v Reading 1 ‎
Stoke City 2 v Fulham 1 ‎
Everton 1 v Norwich City 0 ‎
Manchester United 2 v Queens Park Rangers 0 ‎
Aston Villa 2 v Arsenal 3 ‎

Sunday 25 November 2012

Swansea City 2 v Liverpool ‎1
Southampton 1 v Newcastle United ‎1
Chelsea 0 v Manchester City ‎0
Tottenham Hotspur 1 v West Ham United ‎ ‎0
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Futsal World Cup Final Brazil 3 - 2 Spain

Futsal World Cup
Futsal World Cup Final

Brazil 3 - 2 Spain 18 November 2012

Ref Hector Rojas (Peru)

Huamark Indoor Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand.

If Barack Obama had timed his visit to Thailand to coincide with this world cup final he must have been too busy to attend. Either that or he couldn't get a ticket. In any case the POTUS missed an interesting and exciting contest between the world's two top teams.

Early on in the game, Spain controlled possession somewhat easily and looked worthy of the title of number one team in the world. Yet it was Neto (Bra) who looked to be the most inventive player. Brazil came close to conceding a goal in these early stages, but Vinicius (Bra) blocked the ball on his own goal line. Vinicius is proving to be an important yet aggressive player as Aicardo's (Spa) very quick outside pullback turn leads to a foul by the Brazilian.

A vicious foul by Je (Bra) on Lozano (Spa) amazingly does not result in a card for the Brazilian as the Spaniard in tears of pain is helped from the court. A shot on the turn by Fernandao (Spa) at an acute angle is the first of many by him in a flurry of shots as Brazil's 1-3-1 formation is put to the test.

It's not surprising that it is Brazil who take the first time out with about 6:55 remaining in the first period. It seems to have paid dividends as Brazil come more into the game and Ari at last manages to get an off-target shot on Spain's goal.

Brazil are getting more possession now, and in an exciting moment Rafael shoots the ball from under teammate Je's foot. The ball is too high to worry Spain's keeper Juanjo however, which is just as well as he was moving the wrong way. With 1:26 left in the first half, it's Spain's turn to have their time out. This one also seems to work, as, on the resumption of play, Fernandao's flick is just wide of the Brazilian goal.

At the end of the first half it is 0 - 0, though Spain should easily be ahead given the number of shots they've had.

It's a bright start for the Brazilians in the second half as they look as though the half-time repose has rejuvenated them more than their Iberian opponents. But there is an extra element that has come into play in Brazils' favour, their "nuclear option": the introduction onto the court of Falcao, for years now the world's best player.

He shoots from distance, the ball whistling just wide of Juanjo's right post. Then, from a corner, Je, shedding his thug persona for a moment, hits the ball on the full, but the impressive Spaniard Kike blocks.

Je shoots again, Kike blocks again. Brazil look the better team now - and it's all down to the skill, vision and movement of one man: Falcao. It's his flick behind the standing leg that leads to a corner. The ball is played back up the line and Neto rockets the shot inside the far post. Brazil 1 - 0 Spain.

Vinicius reminds us that all that propaganda about the marvellous, skillful, Brazilians often ignores the violent and cheating side to their game; he dives for the second time in this match to get Kike booked. This is serious in futsal as the sixth booking and subsequent bookings mean a penalty against your team. 11:13 left in the game and Spain have had 27 shots.

More shenanigans from Brazil as Ari is booked for an off-the-ball incident. Brazil rightly pay for this - from the resulting free kick Miguelin's shot is blocked but Spain's number 4 Torras follows up and finishes near post.

Brazil 1 - 1 Spain.

Back come Brazil with Gabriel shooting across the face. From a corner the excellent Aicardo shoots and Brazil keeper Tiago attempts a kick save but it goes in. Brazil 1 - 2 Spain.

Falcao is back on court for Brazil .. and they need him as Spain press forward with Torras' half-volley on the turn saved, then Torras hits the bar after a free kick.

Falcao!! The ageing maestro receives the ball about 15 metres out and hammers into the top left-hand corner. Great goal: precision and power. Brazil 2 - 2 Spain.

A sweeping move, Ari to Je to Rafael whose shot is blocked. So it's 2 - 2 at full time, just as it was four years ago in Rio.

Extra time. This game has heated up, as have the players given the failure of the air-conditioning system in the stadium; pretty poor for a World Cup Final.

Brazil are favourites now that Spain have committed 5 card fouls, so one more and Brazil go to the penalty mark. A pullback L by Falcao brings a cheer from the crowd. Though Brazil are pressing high up the court, there is more cheating from the Latin Americans as Neto is "fouled" by Fernandao. Penalty. But the Spanish keeper Juanjo makes the save! Justice is done.

With just nineteen seconds remaining on the clock before the game goes to penalties, Neto, getting ball on the left touchline, lifts the ball over his defender, the ball landing on the line. He unleashes a tremendous shot that hits the inside of the far post and it's in. Brazil 3 - 2 Spain.

Sepp Blatter is almost beside himself with joy as he hands the trophy to the winners. There is the suspicion the 11-a-side game World Cup Finals Brazil in 2014 will follow a similar pattern to this tournament with FIFA engineering for Brazil a very easy group so that they have an easy route to the final.

So why did Spain lose, apart from their having to work harder than their opponents to get to the final? One reason lies in their shape; their 2 - 2 formation in the attacking phase meant the highest forward found it difficult to impossible to square the ball for shots.

Too many times, for example, Fernandao simply hit the ball on the half turn only to be blocked by a defender. In short, not enough combination play. And they don't have Falcao. Or Neto, who won the adidas Golden Ball with seven goals in the competition and two in the final.

Peter Rodd


Saturday, November 17, 2012

George's Premiership Predictions November 17 2012

George's Premiership Predictions November 17 2012

Last time out, George got 6 results right including 1 perfect score. George will hope to carry on with his good form of the previous week.

George's Premiership Predictions November 17 2012

Saturday 17 November 2012

Arsenal 2 v Tottenham Hotspur 0 ‎
Manchester City 3 v Aston Villa 2 ‎
Reading 1 v Everton 1
Liverpool 2 v Wigan Athletic 1
West Bromwich Albion 0 v Chelsea 1 ‎
Newcastle United 1 v Swansea City 0
Queens Park Rangers 2 v Southampton 2 ‎
Norwich City 1 v Manchester United 2

Sunday 18 November 2012

Fulham 3 v Sunderland 1 ‎

Monday 19 November 2012

West Ham United 1 v Stoke City 1 ‎
Last time's Premier League predictions


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Three strikes and they're out

Three strikes and they're out

On a night of golazos on FIFA's last international date of 2012, here are three of the best:
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic for Sweden v England

  • Michael Bradley for USA v Russia
  • Mathieu Valbuena for France v Italy

This evening's international friendly highlights

Sweden 4:2 England
Holland 0:0 Germany
Italy 1:2 France
Russia 2:2 USA
Romania 2:1 Belgium
Saudi Arabia 0:0 Argentina
Chile 1:3 Serbia
Panama 0:3 Spain
Poland 1:3 Uruguay
Austria 0:3 Cote d'Ivoire
S.Korea 1:2 Australia
Czech Rep 3:0 Slovakia
Gabon 2:2 Portugal
Eire 0:1 Greece
China 1:1 New Zealand
Turkey 1:1 Denmark
Tunisia 1:2 Switzerland


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Oval - the first home of soccer

The Oval - the first home of soccer

Since the dawn of religion, worshippers have venerated sacred places and objects in honour of a greater faith.

For football lovers, touring a city's stadium is akin to visiting its cathedral, and in the case of such hallowed grounds like the Bombonera, Camp Nou, Azteca or Maracana, who can disagree there is something transcendental about the arenas where unforgettable rites of football have taken place every week for years.

The Oval - the first home of soccer

Since football plays such a huge role in many people's lives, it is therefore quite normal to place a symbolic, even holy significance on its past. To that end, England's Football Association recently commemorated the 140th anniversary of its first Challenge Cup Final, the world's oldest existing football competition, now known as the FA Cup.

The Wanderers beat the Royal Engineers (pictured) 1-0 in 1872 at the Kennington Oval, but the army side won the rematch 14 decades later on the same ground 7-1. Although Wanderers had only reformed in 2009, their history goes back to 1859 and they won the FA Cup five times, always as an amateur team.

The Oval - the first home of soccer

The Oval (cap.23,000)  is best known as a cricket stadium but is also one of the sacred homes of football for playing host to the first FA Cup final in 1872 and the first ever international match, a 1-1 draw between England and Scotland two years earlier.

Football fans visiting London are more likely to visit Arsenal's stadium at Ashburton Grove, Chelsea's at Stamford Bridge or Wembley, but the closest historic football ground the centre of the capital is in fact the Oval, about a mile as the crow flies from Big Ben.

A soccer afficionado's pilgrimage to London cannot also be complete without a pint in the Freemasons Arms  at 81 Long Acre, Covent Garden, where the Football Association was formed after an upstairs meeting in 1863 between 13 London clubs with similar but varying rules of playing.

Freemasons Arms

In fact, modern soccer as we know it was formally begun over half a dozen meetings in that pub over the next couple of months, after which some delegates could not agree on the rules and left to start a rival sport based on carrying the ball: The Rugby Union was formed eventually in 1871 involving Blackheath F.C., an invitee to the original F.A. talks, and football had split forever.

This explains why rugby football and by extension American football are so named to this day, despite being sports of the hand rather than the foot.

(c) Sean O'Conor & Soccerphile

Passing on the magic

Passing on the Magic From Father to Son

It is happy news that the genes of Lionel Messi, the greatest contemporary footballer, have been passed on another generation.

Messi and Aguero.

A baby boy, Thiago Messi was born on the 2nd of November 2012 to his girlfriend and childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo.

'Mini-Messi' is barely out of his mother's womb but has already been presented with membership of Newell's Old Boys, his dad's first club, and a blaugrana jersey from his current one.

Sergio Aguero has already handed Lionel a mini Argentina shirt, though by virtue of his birthplace Thiago could play for Spain and/or Catalonia.


But the chances of Thiago getting anywhere close to his father's ability are minimal. A cursory look at the greatest players of all time shows none were treading in famous footsteps, with the exception of Paolo Maldini, Milan and Italy's legendary left-back, whose father Cesare represented both teams before him.

Another Italian candidate are the Mazzolas. Sandro was in the great Inter team of the 1960s and won 70 Azzurri caps. He was the son of Valentino, 12 times an international, was the captain of the Grande Torino team prematurely struck down in the Superga disaster of 1949.

South Korea's all-time leading scorer Cha Bum-Kun is the father of Cha Du-Ri, like his dad a Korean international and Bundesliga star.

But when it comes to the offspring of the best of the best, only Jordi Cruyff, son of Johann, could be deemed to have been a success, with 41 appearances for Barcelona, 34 for Manchester United and nine caps for Holland.

If you want to be one of the great all-time players, it seems your chances are better if your father was not one himself. Perhaps the expectations on your famous name are just too heavy. Leicester's goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel will always be compared to the exploits between the sticks of Peter, his illustrious father, which makes his achievements so far all the more admirable, even if at the age of 26 he has yet to be picked by Denmark.

Passing on the magic

A case could also be made for Nigel Clough, son of the great Brian, and Barcelona's Thiago, son of Brazilian World Cup winner Mazinho, while Frank Lampard Jr's father was a useful player himself, Frank Lampard Sr. In South America, Uruguayan striker Diego Forlan is the son of Pablo, who won 17 caps for his country as a defender.

French World Cup winner Youri Djorkaeff is the son of Jean, who won 48 caps for France, while the Koeman brothers's father Martin was a Dutch international once.

Pele, Diego Maradona and George Best have all had footballing sons but none have made any waves, yet hopes are high for Real Madrid youth player Enzo Fernandez, /.17 year-old son of a certain Zinedine Zidane.

(c) Sean O'Conor & Soccerphile

Monday, November 12, 2012

Chelsea 1 - 1 Liverpool

Chelsea 1 - 1 Liverpool
11 November 2012
Ref Howard Webb

Chelsea 1 - 1 Liverpool, Premiership

This game came after a week in which teams from the east caused problems for these two English sides.

Worryingly for Blues fans, Shakhtar Donetsk outplayed Chelsea for long stretches even though Victor Moses gave the European Champions a last minute winner; Shakhtar's Willian was the best player on show and surely must be on the radar to be included in Brazil's national team for 2014.

Away at Anji Makhachkala, Liverpool looked bereft of attacking ideas in a 3-7-0 formation, the lack of a forward up on the Anji offside line allowing for no outlet ball, especially in the absence of a player with real aerial power – the loan of Andy Carroll to West Ham United, particularly when Liverpool are in a rebuilding phase, looks increasingly like a poor decision.

We know Brendan Rogers likes his players to be relaxed before kick off, and the smiling Raheem Sterling seems to be following orders in the pre-match warm up. Will Joe Cole, on the bench for Liverpool, come on to torment his previous employers? Likewise, how will Torres do against Liverpool? He was poor against the Ukrainians midweek with Chelsea moves breaking down on his receiving the ball.

The whole stadium stands in silence for Remembrance Day, Chelsea Pensioners included.

Liverpool once more are playing with three at the back, against Chelsea's 4-2-3-1.

3' Agger, despite being one of the back three, finds himself in the Chelsea penalty area. Total football from the get-go.
When the Liverpool back three are switching the ball between themselves, it is Joe Allen and/or Gerrard checking back to allow for the vertical pass. Torres, coming back beyond the halfway line to get the ball, looks the most exciting player in these early stages, flicking the ball over a defender's head, and a half moon round another before surging toward goal. This is reminiscent of his attacks from deep for Atletico Madrid; he looks a much better player doing this than as a stationary figure up against a centre half.

18' Carragher pushes the mobile Torres in the back, but Ivanovic's free kick is blasted over.

19' Goal. Torres wins a corner, Terry makes a near-post run, and, unmarked, plants his header in the postage stamp position. 1 – 0. Poor defending.

26' Torres shoots after Hazard unsurprisingly outmuscles Allen in midfield.

28' Gerrard continues to make forward runs, but the Chelsea defensive mids are tracking well.

30' A third of the game gone and Liverpool have their second shot.

31' Is it Suarez' first touch of the ball? It's a good one though: a nice ball played into space.

Most of the work being done by Liverpool is down the left flank with Jose Enrique very busy as the wingback.

34' Suarez is pushed by Ramires and collides with John Terry, who us back from his four-match suspension for racially abusing QPR's Anton Ferdinand. Terry, in his 558th game for the Blues, is stretchered off with suspected knee ligament damage. Things are not going well for the former England captain as there have been rumours about a January departure from Stamford Bridge, with Valencia as a possible destination. 40' Sahin takes a corner that is so low that not only does it not beat the first defender in the air, it is half volleyed away by Oscar.

43' An interesting moment where Cech's kicked pass to Cahill, whose body position is only a quarter of a turn wrong, leads to an overly hurried clearance and a Liverpool surge forward. From such apparently minor things do matches turn.

48' The three-man defence is exposed for the first time in open play as Carragher is inexplicably attracted to a ball down the left which should have been dealt with by Agger. Brendan Rogers pre-match assertion that the Liverpool team is comfortable in a 3-5-2 is put to the test. Apart from one small slip, Wisdom looks solid on the left.

At half time Chelsea can take heart from the fact that they have restricted Liverpool to exactly zero chances. It's only a single goal lead though.

57' Great save by Jones from Torres' header. Torres has been Chelsea's most effective player. Given he is the lone striker, one of the hardest working, too.

66' Gerrard's petulance gives Chelsea a free kick, but Mata's ball is in inch too high for Torres.

71' Suddenly Suarez surges forward, Wisdom bombs up the right. Corner. Suso – on for the ineffectual Sahin – takes. Carragher's near-post flick and there is Suarez unmarked to head into the empty net. And if Suarez hadn't finished it, Agger, also unmarked, would have. Schoolboy defending.

81' Torres is taken off; Sturridge on.

85' Suarez shoots from the sideline near the halfway line, but Cech gets back to save.

86' Ivanovic heads just over from Mata's corner.

87' Suarez is played in by the hardworking Jose Enrique, but Cech comes out of his area to clear with his legs.

89' Good feet by Hazard on the left, he then shoots wide in the second phase.

93' A sweeping Liverpool move leads to man of the match Jose Enrique shooting at the near post, but it is saved by Peter Cech.

An improved Liverpool have done the Manchester clubs a favour. Chelsea may need to dip into the market in January for shooting power. Both teams have to work on defending set pieces.

1 – 1.

Peter Rodd

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shonan snatch second J2 promotion place

Shonan snatch second J2 promotion place

Kyoto Sanga miss out on automatic promotion

Shonan Bellmare have snatched the second and final automatic promotion place on offer on a dramatic final day of the regular season in the J. League's second tier.

Needing to beat neighbours Machida Zelvia and hope Kyoto Sanga failed to do the same against champions Ventforet Kofu, the Kanagawa side did their part with a 3-0 win in front of 7,139 fans at Machida Stadium. The result was bad news for Machida, who drop down to the third-tier Japan Football League after finishing bottom of the J2 table.

Meanwhile, Kyoto Sanga could only labour to a scoreless draw against Kofu in front of 12,296 fans at Nishikyogoku Stadium. The result means Kyoto will join Yokohama FC, JEF United and Oita Trinita in a four-team playoff, with the winner joining Kofu and Shonan in the top flight in 2013.

Sanfrecce Hiroshima currently top the standings in J1 with three games of the season still to play.

Copyright © Mike Tuckerman &

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George's Premier Predictions November 10 2012

George's Premier Predictions November 10 2012

Last time out, George got 4 results right including 1 perfect score. George will hope to bounce back from what, by his high standards, was a bad day at the office.

George's Premier Predictions November 10 2012

Saturday 10 November 2012

Reading 1 v Norwich City ‎1
Everton 2 v Sunderland ‎1
Stoke City 2 v Queens Park Rangers ‎0
Wigan Athletic 2 v West Bromwich Albion ‎1
Arsenal 1 v Fulham 0
Southampton 2 v Swansea City ‎2
Aston Villa 1 v Manchester United ‎2

Sunday 11 November 2012

Manchester City 3 v Tottenham Hotspur ‎0
Newcastle United 3 v West Ham United ‎1
Chelsea 1 v Liverpool 0
Last time's Premier League predictions


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fifa World Rankings November 2012

Fifa's World Rankings for November 2012 were published today at FIFA HQ in Zurich, Switzerland.

Euro 2012 winners Spain kept their position on top of the FIFA rankings followed by Germany, Argentina, Portugal, Italy, England and then Holland. Copa America champions Uruguay are 11th, while Brazil remain out of the top 10 in 13th. Belgium are big risers to 20th.

Ranking Team
1 Spain
2 Germany
3 Argentina
4 Portugal
5 Italy
6 England
7 Netherlands
8 Colombia
9 Russia
10 Croatia
11 Uruguay
12 Greece
13 Brazil
14 Mexico
15 Côte d'Ivoire
16 Switzerland
17 Ecuador
18 France
19 Algeria
20 Belgium

Full world rankings

Previous Fifa World Rankings

Friday, November 2, 2012

George's Premier Predictions November 3 2012

Last time, George got 6 results right again including 2 perfect scores and George will be hoping to continue his run of fine form.

Saturday 3 November 2012

Manchester Utd 2 v Arsenal 0
Fulham 1 v Everton 1
Norwich 1 v Stoke 0
Sunderland 2 v Aston Villa 2
Swansea 1 v Chelsea 2
Tottenham 2 v Wigan 1
West Ham 0 v Man City 1

Sunday 4 November 2012

QPR 3 v Reading 2
Liverpool 2 v Newcastle 2
Last time's Premier League predictions