Best Cities For Euro 2024 Experience

The best cities for the ultimate Euros experience

Olympiastadion, Berlin.

As Euro 2024 approaches, excitement is building among football fans planning to visit Germany for the tournament. But where is the best city for the ultimate Euro experience? With this in mind, the experts at SeatPick analysed accommodation options, transportation accessibility, and beer prices throughout Germany to uncover the top cities to celebrate the Euros in.

City / Stadium Most affordable match* Average resale
ticket starting
price per game*
within 20 km /
Average price
of 3 day hotel stay (€)
Total pubs
within city / Average
beer price (€)
Score /10
1. Berlin
Netherlands v Austria €214 514 / 502.4 1991/4.4 8.28
2. Hamburg
Georgia v Czech Republic €181 317 /503.8 735/4.3 8.04
3. Leipzig
Red Bull Arena
Croatia v Italy €276 324/444.9 287/4.4 7.68
4. Munich
Allianz Arena
Romania v Ukraine €308 309/445.3 677/4.4 7.54
5. Stuttgart
Mercedes-Benz Arena
Ukraine v Belgium €253 114/432.8 410/5.2 7.04
6. Dortmund
Signal Iduna Park
France v Poland €279 73/186.1 170/4.9 6.99
7. Cologne
RheinEnergie Stadion
Belgium v Romania €269 142/446..8 618/4.9 6.82
8. Gelsenkirchen
Spain v Italy €244 20/310 38/4.2 6.61
9. Düsseldorf
Merkur Spiel-Arena
Slovakia v Ukraine €201 233/495.8 349/4.5 5.95
10 Frankfurt
Deutsche Bank Park
Slovakia v Romania €307 226/568.2 421/4.7 5.88

*Match and resale tickets are based on the initial group stages **Within 2 km of the stadium.


SeatPick can reveal the best place to experience Euro 2024 is none other than Berlin with a score of 8.28/10. Germany's capital city is home to 514 hotels within a 20 km radius of the Olympiastadion, ideal for hosting the more than 2.5 million visitors expected to visit the city for the Euros.

As well as this, Berlin hosts an extensive public transport network, providing the city with 14,454 transport points - 54 of these being within 20 km of the stadium - making navigating the city a breeze. The abundance of pubs on offer ensures there are plenty of opportunities for fans to soak in the pre and post-match atmosphere, with the average beer costing €4.40, 17% cheaper than the pints on offer in Stuttgart (€5.20). The iconic Olympiastadion will be hosting the UEFA final in July, with resale tickets starting from €1200 but if you can't wait until then you can grab tickets for the Netherlands v Austria match for just €187.

Euro 2024, Hamburg.


Ranking second is the bustling city of Hamburg with a score of 8.04/10. Home to a formidable footballing heritage, Hamburg offers a vibrant pub scene providing fans with 735 locations where the average pint costs just €4.30 - 11% cheaper than the city of Dortmund where it costs €4.90 for your average pint. The city offers 317 hotels within a 20 km radius of the Volksparkstadion, ensuring visitors have a range of accommodation options to choose from. With over 9,167 public transport points - of which 65 are within 2km of the stadium, fans are able to reach the iconic stadium with ease and convenience. The Volksparkstadion is set to host four group stage matches including Georgia v Czech Republic which is the most affordable match at the stadium with starting resale prices from just €210 per ticket.

Red Bull Arena, Euro 2024.


Ranking third is the city of Leipzig, which is often overshadowed by larger cities but emerges as a hidden gem for football enthusiasts, with a score of 7.68/10. The city offers 324 hotels for visitors which cost an average of €148 per night - 13% cheaper per night than the hotels in Berlin (€170). Leipzig offers efficient public transport to fans travelling to and from the matches, with 54 transport points close within 20 km of the Red Bull Arena. Beers in Leipzig are reasonably priced at €4.40, which is 7% cheaper than Frankfurt at €4.70. The Red Bull Arena is hosting matches between Portugal v Czech Republic, Italy v Croatia and Netherlands v France - the most affordable game to watch is Croatia v Italy with resale tickets starting at €257.

Deutsche Bank Park, Frankfurt.


Frankfurt rounds off the top 10 with a score of 5.88/10. With 226 hotels within a 20 km radius of the Deutsche Bank Park, fans visiting the city can expect convenient and comfortable accommodation amidst the city's charm. Frankfurt's extensive public transport network of 3,698 transport points - 32 of which are within 2km of the Deutsche Bank Park - ensures easy access to the stadium and beyond. Whilst the city has 5 times fewer pubs than the capital with 421, the average beer in Frankfurt costs €4.70, which is 10% cheaper than in the nearby city of Stuttgart (€5.20). The city is set to host four matches at the group stages including Slovakia v Romania, with starting resale prices from just €144 per ticket, which is the most affordable match hosted at the stadium.

England has the most valuable preliminary squad followed by France and Portugal.

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