Belo Horizonte Revisited World Cup 2014

Belo Horizonte

Last leg (!) of the journey, and a game for which I no longer have a ticket for. But would you believe I have had an offer of a wheelchair ticket.

Wheelchair ticket

The sole of my foot feels like those pieces of plastic with bubbles that everyone likes to pop. Except I am trying not to pop the blisters.

Today, Friday, there is no football, so once again it is like a holiday. I travelled overnight from Curitiba and arrived back in Belo Horizonte about 11 am.

Modern Art Museum Belo Horizonte

Decided to go up to the Lake at Pampulpa. Had a hobble round to the Art Museum (you'll have guessed, designed by Oscar) was going to see his church, but decided to save it for my next visit.

In the evening Lou was singing so I went to see her, before returning to Espitinho Mangabeiras, where this all began. On the Saturday, my final day, I was up early as I had received an email when I got in last night about 1 am giving me an address to go to meet my wheelchair companion. Pampulpha is near the stadium and I was worried that they would shut the roads off. I didn't want to walk.

Lou singing in BH, Brazil

We met and my friend was pleased with my acting, with me like this we were confident we would get in, all that was missing was the wheelchair.

We went in as early as we could in case of any problems, but there were none. The wheelchair next to us didn't turn up so we had two excellent seats almost on the halfway line.

Of course, you now know that the match went to extra time and penalties. I knew that was going to happen when I booked my flight last year.

Brazil v Chile, Belo Horizonte

They changed the departure time a few times. It's now 5 pm now and I am on the bus to the airport and the plane doesn't leave till 8 pm.

(Sorry Lou I'd love to come to the party).

Belo Horizonte Revisited

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