Do not smile at a Russian

Russia World Cup 2018: Smile

Everything was fine in the end with the accommodation! I was just a little tired on my first day.

Do not smile at a Russian

Well my first game was interesting. I sat among a hoard of Mexicans (thanks Manuel) who kept me supplied with refreshments and for once didn't spill any!

World Cup 2018 Russia

After the game I went to visit my friend who was not well. Sure enough there he was with his neck brace on. But the first thing he said to me was: "I am going to Volgograd" (England's first game on Monday). You'll never guess what his name (No, it's not Lazarus).

World Cup 2018 Russia

We watched Peru mess up their chance to beat Denmark. Whilst with him I asked if he had any tips to help me whilst in Russia.

The two pearls of wisdom I got were:
Number One. Do not trust a Russian.
Number Two. Do not smile at a Russian.

World Cup 2018 Russia

The next morning I had arranged to meet another friend in Moscow. He delights in just sending me a photo of a place and saying I'll be there at such and such a time.

I always enjoy the challenge of getting around different places indeed I have thought about turning it into a sightseeing sport. Urban orienteering I would call it.

At our meeting I was introduced to a friend of his from Marseille who was to be my companion for the next two days.

World Cup 2018 Russia

This time you can identify him by the crutch he is using to get around to support his ankle ligament damage done whilst playing futsal. So that's a neck brace and a crutch my friends are using as accessories, whilst at the Germany v Mexico game I met an able bodied German using a disabled ticket!

World Cup 2018 Russia

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