Kazan to Moscow

Russia World Cup 2018: Kazan to Moscow

On 24 February 2022, Russia launched an unprovoked, large-scale military invasion of Ukraine, its neighbour to the southwest, marking an escalation to a conflict that began in 2014 with the Russian annexation of Crimea and the Donbass. Stop The War!

I had a difficult choice to get back from Kazan to Moscow, originally when planning this trip a year ago there was no train that would get me here in time for the match at the Luzhnicki here in Moscow, Spain v Russia. So I booked a flight. Several months later the 23.10 became available and so I also booked that.

The flight would arrive at Domodedovo Airport. But then I would have to get to my accommodation. There is an Aeroexpress train ... which was free with the Fan ID, but the express bit obviously does not translate in Russian. It runs every 30 minutes and takes 43 minutes and so realistically I would expect to be in central Moscow by 2 pm.

I chose the train! It is comfortable, it was brand new again, although I was beginning to regret the decision when I boarded as Wagon 1 happened to be at the back of the train - remember how long they are.

However upon arrival in Moscow at 12.35 I was at the front, and in the very train station where I was staying. 12.40 I was in my hotel and was greeted by the same receptionist who had helped me a few days earlier.

The game started off with plenty of Spain possession, and an early own goal had you worried about the Russian team. But they showed that Russian tenacity and stuck to the script working for everything.

When the rain came the locals simply removed their t-shirts to keep them dry.

Topless fans

As the end of the game neared and with the scores now level, you sensed that the Russians were getting more and more confident.

The noise levels increased and they were roared on to victory.

After the match I headed back to the centre of Moscow, there was chaos as thousands of people were swarming into the centre. I tried to access Red Square but they had already closed the entrances.

Bolshoi, Moscow

I watched the celebrations from outside the Bolshoi Ballet, before heading home.

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