Things I miss about Russia

World Cup 2018 Russia

First impressions upon arriving back.

1. You think that is underground!
2. Since when did they do mini escalators.
3. Fast food just sped up again.
4. High fives are out of fashion.
5. Where are the rest of the train carriages/ the free trains/ the four day journeys.
6. Fan ID doesn’t work.
7. Why is no one checking my bag when I go into the station?
8. I can go out the station and come straight back in.
9. No one is collecting plastic cups anymore.

Things I miss about Russia

10. People here speak different languages but don't use google translate.
11. Can’t find caviar on the menu anymore.
12. Reading signs phonetically no longer works.
13. People have stopped chanting my name... Ross... i...ya.

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Ross Clegg

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