Low Lands Aim High, Barca the Richest


* Plans for a European Super League never seem to go away but a Low Countries top division could begin as early as 2025.

Representatives of 11 clubs met in Eindhoven last week and Deloitte estimate TV revenue from the new competition could be up to five times the current domestic models.


The idea is for an 18-team league of ten Dutch and eight Belgian sides with promotion and relegation from the two nations' second divisions.

The idea of an Atlantic League featuring the best of Belgium, Holland, Portugal and Scotland surfaced twenty years ago and was discussed as recently as 2016, with Scandinavia's top teams party to discussions.

If course UEFA would have to agree but since existing competitions offer those nations's clubs slim pickings, it seems they would have a strong case.

Placating them by offering more guaranteed Champions League places is perhaps the only way to stop the plans in their tracks.

Money talks ultimately and breakaways have happened in many sports including football.

* Speaking of Deloitte, the accountancy firm's annual Football Money League was published this month and showed Spain's big two are the biggest money makers in the sport.

Barcelona generated £841 million last season, clearly ahead of Real Madrid's £757 million. Manchester United despite their on-field travails, came in third on £712 million.

Naming the top 20 richest clubs would make a tricky quiz question, especially as it includes Everton, Schalke and West Ham United.

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