Football Kit Review: England Home + Training Top - 2010-2011

Football Kit Review: Umbro England Home and Training Top - 2010-2011

Umbro - Tailored By England.

The England Football teams now play in Nike kits though for decades, Umbro, was their main kit supplier.

Many traditionalists were saddened to see the the kit manufacturers change hands as England had a long running relationship with Umbro kits which dated back almost 50 years. Umbro and the England team were then closely tied with each other as Umbro then supplied kits for nearly 30 straight years between 1984 and 2013.

The last time England wore an Umbro kit was against Montenegro in 2013.

England Home Kit - 2010-2011.

Amongst the last batch of England shirts were the classic cut shirts from the 2010-2011 season. This includes the home kit which paid homage to the classic shirts of the 1950s with their deep v-neck collars. A truly stylish and chich throwback which was wildly popular.

England Home Kit 2010-2011.

The Black Training Top with the sponsor, "Nationwide", has also stood the test of time and is still widely popular. Again, it is a throwback to the 1950s yet still retains a modern feel.

Umbro still produce Quality kits and maybe, in the future, the famous "Tailored by Umbro in England" label will return to the England Football Set-up.

England kit.England Training Top - 2010-2011.

England Home Kit Rating: 9/10

England Training Kit Rating:8/10

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