Football Kit Review Boca Juniors Third Kit 2022

Football Kit Review - Boca Juniors Third Kit 2022

Boca Juniors Third Kit.
Boca Juniors of Argentina are synonymous with passionate fans and one of the greatest home atmospheres in the world. Another marker of their global renown and fame are their iconic football kits which are always brimming with style and class. This past year, Boca Juniors, added a beautiful third kit which paid homage to their training ground; the Pedro Pompilio Complex, known as "Casa Amariila" (The Yellow House).
Boca Juniors.
This training ground basically is a talent churning machine of endless world class players and Boca Juniors have decided to pay homage to this unique piece of real estate. The "Casa Amariila" is where upcoming young players are developed and trained. Tellingly, above the gates to Casa Amarilla is a famous 'BOCA' sign which in itself is meshed into the yellow shirt itself. Another great shirt from Adidas and definitely a keeper for football fashionistas.
Boca Juniors.

Boca Juniors 2022 Third Kit Rating: 9/10

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