Fifa World Rankings December 2023

Fifa World Rankings December 2023

Fifa World Rankings

Fifa's World Rankings for December 2023 were published on December 21, 2023 at FIFA HQ in Zurich in Switzerland.

There were no changes in the top 10 teams since November.

World Cup winners Argentina remain at the top of the rankings, France are still second followed now by England.

Belgium are fourth, followed by Brazil, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Euro 2020 winners Italy, and then Croatia.

Morocco who reached the semifinals in Qatar are still the top African team in 13th place. Wales are 29th. The USA are in 12th place.

Australia are in 25th place (no change); Japan are in 17th position. Near neighbors, South Korea remain 23rd in the rankings. Scotland are in 36th place no change from the previous month.

The Republic of Ireland are in 60th place, again no change, while Northern are Ireland in 72nd place. The lowest-ranked team is San Marino in 210th place with Eritrea unranked.

1 Argentina
2 France
3 England
4 Belgium
5 Brazil
6 The Netherlands
7 Portugal
8 Spain
9 Italy
10 Croatia
11 Uruguay
12 USA
13 Morocco
14 Colombia
15 Mexico
16 Germany
17 Japan
18 Switzerland
19 Denmark
20 Senegal

The foot of the FIfa World Rankings Table.
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