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World Cup 2006 Germany

Thursday 22nd June Munich. Stuttgart

Munich Stadium, Germany.

Today saw me use the last of my obstructed view tickets. Overall they have provided some of the best vantage points in the stadium. In Dortmund for the Germany game I was in amongst hospitality clients and even had the German team line up below me for my team photo.

Here in Stuttgart I looked out onto the pitch and had to wonder what the obstruction was as I was sat above the press in the main stand. I sat right back in my seat and found that a handrail blocked the corner flag. The game was a pulsating affair and throughout the whole game everyone was on the edge of their seat.

On two occasions the press did slightly block my view but the compensation was that you could also watch the TV monitors. Did you know that when the commentators refer to action just off your screen, they know this because they have a wider view and the screen we see is highlighted on their monitor!

Friday 23rd June Stuttgart. Berlin. Hannover. Berlin

Stories of concern in the press here have centred around a bear walking around Germany without shorts on. A bear with shorts on. Ludicrous. A bear wearing a football shirt. Ridiculous.

I believe I may have seen this bear and am further concerned that all they can talk about is the missing shorts. In Munich I could swear he was wearing a raincoat, possibly to try and mingle with the rest of the crowd as everyone was soaked on the 10 minute walk to the stadium, whats more he even got hold of the microphone and started addressing the crowd in English.

And all they talk about is the shorts?

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