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Complete Soccer Chess Set 1

Darren Aiken has been sculpting portrait chess sets full-time for the past 10 years. Each set is individually painted, signed and numbered by the artist. His style means that, for each edition of a chess set he only produces

a limited number of sets - never more than 250 and occasionally 1-offs,
caricatured likenesses (head-to-toe) of popular living characters (approx. 12cm; 4.72 inches high),
sets that fit a specific theme or topic.
In keeping with his reputation Darren has committed to hand-making 50 chess sets that caricature the legends of each of the 32 nations represented in Germany 2006. The first 15 of these sets have already been sold, the first of which now sits in Luis Figo's restaurant in the Algave, Portugal.

Once the pieces have been hand-sculpted they are moulded in Silicon rubber and hand-cast in a cold cast mixture of cyano-acrylite and marble powder, which makes them impact proof and not brittle. They are then personally hand-painted and matt-varnished and come packed in a wooden box, complete with a signed and numbered certificate detailing each of the 32 players representing their countries at Germany 2006. The board is also included.

Current owners of Darren's chess sets include: Nelson Mandela, Prince William, Faye Dunawaye, Ruby Wax, Ernie Els, Alanis Morisette and Anthony Robbins.

All pieces are hand painted and made to order, so there is a slight delay on delivery while the pieces are made.

Each set comes with a signed certificate from the artist.


Full Chess Sets

Maximum of 35 complete sets for sale (thus limiting the total number of sets produced to 50) – Consists of 32 pieces + Chess Board + Wooden Box.
Price 2,050 USD each (plus registered postage from South Africa).

Chess Set 1 has Ronaldinho to represent Brazil and Henry to represent France.
Chess Set 2 has Ronaldo to represent Brazil and Zidane to represent France.
Individual Pieces

Maximum of 4 figures per order.
Price 59 USD per piece (plus registered postage from South Africa).
Mounted Sets

Sets of any 8 mounted figures on a common base.
Price 372 USD per set of 8 figures (plus registered postage from South Africa).


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