Saturday Sightseeing in Warsaw

Euro 2012 Warsaw

Spent Saturday sightseeing mainly around the old town in Warsaw. Here it is very much a case of what you see is what you get, a point highlighted by a beggar outside the Central Station with a sign "Money for Beer".

The exception to this may actually be the old town, with its cobbled streets and buildings appearing to date from 1700. The reconstruction done in the 1950s has repaired damage done by the Luftwaffe, after last night's games Warsaw may be safe from another German invasion, as if they win their Group they will play at home in Danzig, sorry in Gdansk.

View of Warsaw's National Stadium

Took the lift up to the viewing platform of the Palace of Culture and Science from where another good view of the National Stadium could be had.

Delicious Polish dumplings and coffee and cake from Blikle ("Walking into the confection shop may stun your senses with the wonderful smells of delicious sugary treats! "- taken from the guidebook) kept me going throughout the day, before finding an outdoor screen to watch the evening games.

Arose at 5a.m. on Sunday to catch the train to Gdansk, as I walked to the bus stop it was clear that Warsaw doesn't sleep, as bars were still packed and people staggered in the streets and argued with buses.

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