FanFest on Sparrow Hill

Russia World Cup 2018: Fanfest

A swift pre-match visit to the FanFest on Sparrow Hill in the shadow of the Moscow State University and with a view back over the River Moskva and the stadium.

FanFest on Sparrow Hill

The Luzhniki was a fitting setting for a great game and a wonderful atmosphere as the Mexicans held their nerve to win.

After the match, I decided to avoid the queues at the nearest metro stations and walked away from the crowds for some thirty minutes. To then blend in with the Muscovites, except for wanting to use my Fan ID instead of my troika Card to pay the fare.


The next morning it was an early start as I caught the Free Train from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod, which departed at 7.15 for the four-hour journey.

I quickly spotted my new friend with the crutch at the station in the morning. I also heard from my other friend that he has given up on his travels to Volgograd and is limping back home... looks like he will have to change his name!

Ross Clegg

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