Guam FA help in the fight against COVID-19

Guam FA help in the fight against COVID-19

Photo: Guam FA

The Guam Football Association has helped in the fight against COVID-19, by donating much-needed equipment to Guam Memorial Hospital. Guam FA donates all its supplies to Guam Memorial Hospital With the recent rise in patients testing positive in Guam for Coronavirus, and limited hospital supplies, the Guam FA decided to donate all their supplies to Guam Memorial Hospital (GMH) as part of the community-wide effort in the battle to defeat the Coronavirus. Tino San Gil, GFA President said, As our doctors fight this virus, we want to help as much as we can where we can.

When the shortage of equipment was discussed, this was where we could directly help; we can always replenish our supplies later, but not lost lives. Guam FA have given the GMH all their supplies of N95 face masks, and hand sanitizers.

The face masks and hand sanitizers were bought to be used for Guam's World Cup qualifying matches, but with the games being postponed, this meant the Guam FA had supplies that they have rightly deemed to be of more use elsewhere, than sitting in a box.

 Well done to the Guam FA for donating them, where they're most needed.

Thank to Mark Henderson -

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