How to stop yourself going mental during the Coronavirus by Vegatta-Kun


How to stop yourself going mental during the Coronavirus, by Vegatta-Kun

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The Vegalta Sendai's mascot, Vegatta-kun, has been keeping himself busy, during the crappy days of the Coronavirus. How do we know this, because he has answered the questions on an unconventional quiz about his daily tasks? Essentially telling us all how he has been coping in the days of the Coronavirus.

Vegalta Sendai's mascot, Vegatta-kun, answers some questions Vegatta-kun wasted no time in getting down to business on the club's blog on what he has been doing during the Coronavirus.

These days, a lot of people around the world cannot leave their home, as countries put lockdowns in place to prevent the infection from spreading further in communities.

Vegatta-kun has given everyone a guide on how he is keeping himself sane. So here it goes, the eight things that got Mr Vegatta through the day yesterday.

1. Sleeping throughout the day, in order to stay at home. He hates the Coronavirus.

2. He took his dog for a walk, but this was no ordinary walk, it was a silent walk. Spoke to no one, saw no one. An in, out, and shake it all about kind of dog walk that is needed these days.

3. He did his home fieldwork (whatever that is).

4. He cleaned his room, which he hates doing, but as luck had it, he found some coins! Ker bloody ching. Any money comes in handy these days right when work is hard to find. Good stuff.

5. Baked sweet potato. It turned out into some kind of controlled fire but was enjoyable. Hates the Coronavirus.

6. Played Super Mario Brothers, good choice Vegatta-kun. Got to stage four. Stopped, still hate the Coronavirus.

7. Watching a small house in Okusa, still hate the Coronavirus.

8. Watched YouTube all day, went down many a wormhole. Still hate the Coronavirus. So as you can see from Vegatta-kun, it is possible to entertain yourself, even if you're in the middle of a lockdown.

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