BTS Unveils Eco-Friendly Jersey to commemorate FIFA Cup 2022

Designing a sustainable future: Jeremey Scott unveils eco-friendly jersey to commemorate Hyundai’s FIFA Cup 2022™ Campaign

Hyundai Motor Company announced today that it is unveiling an eco-friendly jersey designed by American fashion designer, Jeremy Scott as part of “Goal of the Century” campaign. “Goal of the Century” is a global sustainability campaign launched by Hyundai for the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup™ and it is part of the company’s continuing mission to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045 at all stages of its production and operation. 

To drive the campaign, Hyundai Motor introduced “Team Century,” a group of ambassadors that will promote various environmental and social sustainability projects throughout 2022. 

Jeremy Scott recently joined “Team Century” as player number 23 – alongside members such as former England national team player Steven Gerrard and Korean boy band BTS – bringing his creativity and sense of humor to the table with a campaign jersey made entirely of upcycled thread extracted from PET bottles. Jeremey Scott showcases the eco-friendly jersey Jeremey Scott has never been one to go along with conventional wisdom. 

The Kansas City, Missouri-born Designer — who is the Creative Director of both his namesake label and the Italian fashion house, Moschino — has long disrupted the fashion world, creating signatures out of kitsch, pop, camp, neon, sparkle, fearlessness and incisive humor. He has been loved for his challenging fashion style that does not limit patterns or materials. 

He has worked on the costumes of famous artists such as Madonna, Beyonce, Kanye West, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, and has also collaborated with world-class brands such as Adidas, Louboutin, and Longchamp. The eco-friendly jersey that Scott is presenting as part of the “Goal of the Century” campaign is made of 100% upcycled thread extracted from PET bottles. It will catch the attention of football fans around the world with its creative design symbolizing “A United World”. 

Scott explains that he chose number 23 when joining the “Team Century,” as it is such an iconic number in sport and 23 tends to be worn by players who not only change the game but the world. “They use their skills as a platform for more than sport, becoming ambassadors and leaders. This number is more than famous. It is the number I strive to be.” This clearly shows that Jeremy Scott is all about going beyond the boundaries and creating new conversations, ideas, and solutions for our planet.
Jeremy Scott and Hyundai plan to continue their partnership in designing the sustainable future by collaborating on “Re:Style,” an upcycling fashion project that has ran by the company using leftover materials from automobiles manufacturing, such as airbags and seatbelts. Hyundai Motor Company’s “Goal of the Century” Campaign In April 2022, Hyundai Motor Company, official sponsor and automotive partner for the FIFA World Cup 2022™, kicked off its “Goal of the Century” campaign, which aims to unite people around the world through the power of football and score one big goal: A united world for sustainability.

At the heart of the initiative is the goal of bringing people across the world together to participate in building a better future, and above all, inspiring and reminding them of the importance of the environment.
“Team Century” is composed of 11 members who exert positive influence in their various respective fields as ambassadors for the “Goal of the Century” initiative. Each ambassador is tasked with the goal of creating a sustainable future and carbon-neutral FIFA World Cup 2022™ through their respective talents and specialties, raising awareness of the importance of sustainability for the future to the world through various methods. In addition to Jeremey Scott, there are other “Team Century” ambassadors: former England national football player Steven Gerrard, the global brand ambassador BTS, Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn, Afghan refugee footballer and Denmark’s UNESCO ambassador Nadia Nadim, and professional investigative photographer Nicky Woo.

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