AFC Club Licensing Task Force Continue to Raise Standards

AFC Club Licensing Task Force continue to raise professional club standards in Asia

AFC Cup 2022.

The AFC Club Licensing Task Force has complimented the Asian Football Confederation (AFC)'s Member Associations (MAs) on their abilities to adapt their Club Licensing Systems to the changes in the new AFC club competition season at its fourth meeting held today.

The updated AFC Club Licensing Regulations (2022 Edition) came into force on July 29, 2022 and incorporated several important updates that are applicable when granting licences to participating clubs in the AFC Club Competitions from the 2023/2024 season onwards.

In his opening address, Chairperson Hamad Mohamed Aljneibi recognised the efforts of some MAs towards implementing the new adjustments based on the updated regulations.

Chairperson Aljneibi said: "I would like to acknowledge our collective efforts to raise professionalism in Asian club football despite the challenges. Club licensing was introduced in Asia more than a decade ago and it continues to play an integral role in uplifting the standards of our sport on the Continent.

"The AFC's MAs have received strong support throughout this period of change and I am certain that these latest developments will steer Asian football in the right direction and reaffirm the AFC's position as a model Confederation."

The Task Force reviewed several Club Licensing Quality standard requirements of the Licensors in implementing the Club Licensing system and decided to remove the suspension imposed on the Tajikistan Football Federation's Club Licensing Administration after they rectified most of the defects.

Further, the Task Force agreed to uphold the suspension of the Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran Club Licensing Administration until all defects have been addressed and rectified to the satisfaction of the AFC General Secretariat.

Taking into consideration the effects of the pandemic on most MAs and the transitioning to the new AFC club competition season, the Task Force decided to extend the implementation of the Futsal Club Licensing from 2024 to 2025.

The Task Force also received updates on the progress of the Women's Club Licensing Regulations, launched earlier with the aim of elevating the development of the women's game on the Continent.

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