Football Kit Review Juventus Home Shirt 2023-2024

Unleash the Zebra  - Juventus 2023-2024 Home Kit

Juventus Home Kit 2023-2024.

The new Juventus home 2023-2024 shirt is definitely something out of the ordinary and some hardcore traditionalists would the futuristic deign as very bizarre. The kit has gone away from traditional straight black and white stripes to a type of zebra like fuzziness. 

Old fashioned fans would really despise this kit though I guess some fashionistas would deem it very attractive, easy on the eye, very colourful and different. There is only so much variation you can get from a Juventus home kit and there are now some yellow and golden outlines as well which give it a bit of more unique flow.

Juventus Home Kit 2023-2024 Rating: 6/10

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